Eid Activity for Young Kids – Fancy Cat’s Pyjamas Digital Worksheet

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

With Eid around the corner, I wanted my son to have an experience of planning and preparing for Eid in an educational way. Luckily, Fancy Cat’s Pyjamas have launched a digital Eid pack which covers a range of activities to promote important skills like pencil control, cutting, and language development. Additionally, It comes with a very clear and easy to use Parent’s Guide. The aim of the guide is to help parents extend their child’s learning and give parents ideas on how they might explore the concepts mentioned in the pack further.

The pack contains;

Islamic Art – Shape Tracing

An excellent way for toddlers to build on their fine motor skills. This task can help your child improve their concentration and focus. The shapes are generally simple which is very helpful for young kids and preschoolers

Puzzle- What shape is next?

This puzzle was a great way to help my toddler improve his memory skills and to pick up on patterns and rhythms. My 3-year-old did struggle with this activity as I felt like he was just guessing any shape and not focussing on the pattern. However, this could be a great target for him to work on and an activity that we can repeat at home until he starts to get the hang of it.

Cutting and Sticking Shapes

This activity helps young preschoolers to work to improve their hand-eye coordination which is a fine motor skill that your child will constantly be needing as they get older.


Colouring not only helps preschoolers with colour recognition but can help aid their concentration as well as their fine motor skills. My son loved colouring the beautiful Islamic art in this pack.

Fill in the blanks- Discussions about Eid & Eid Checklist

This activity is a great way to begin a dialogue about Eid with your little one. Children can discuss what their perfect eid is and what they look forward to from the perfect Eid.

Pistachio and Cardamon Cookies Recipe

I’m very excited to try this recipe with my son. The recipe is very simple. There are a few ingredients needed and many of these ingredients we already have at home. I personally love the taste of any desserts that have pistachios and cardomom. My child also loves cooking and preparing food with me in the kitchen so I am really looking forward to it.

Overall, this Eid pack is a great resource for young children to prep them for Eid and have them excited for this blessed occasion. Click here for the Etsy link and enjoy it with your kids.

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