Eid Breakfast Idea – Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Eid Mubarak everyone! The blessed month of Ramadan has sadly come to an end. We ask Allah to accept our ibaadah (worship) and allow us to reach the next Ramadan in good health (Ameen).

Eid-ul-fitr (Celebration of breaking the fast) is now right around the corner and one of my favourite parts of the Eid day celebrations is having breakfast with the family.
Having breakfast with loved ones on Eid morning is a tradition that many families hold tight to and what better breakfast than a bright and beautiful breakfast board with everyone’s favourite treats on it?

I love breakfast boards. There are no rules of what you can add. You can mix and match different foods and different textures which can really taste like a party in your mouth and best of all they look great. So, whether your hosting guests or you are just trying to get your kids to try different foods a breakfast board is the best way to go!

This breakfast board is made up of ;

Scrambled eggs
Blueberry jam
Strawberry jam
Cream cheese
Maple syrup
(flowers for decoration)

Have a go. You can mix around the ingredients to suit your families preference. Enjoy this recipe and have a great Eid!

For a simple and quick easy recipe for homemade jam-click here.

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