Mudchute Farm – Family Day Out Idea

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سْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Mudchute Farm in Isle of Dogs, East London

With the weather finally improving, like many other families we were very eager to get out of the house and go somewhere where we could soak in as much vitamin D as possible (which surprisingly enough isn’t easy as a Muslim woman who is pretty much-covered head to toe).

I had not been to Mudchute Farm before so I was very eager to visit.
The farm is called Mudchute because of its location and its close to Mudchute DLR station as well as Crossharbour station. What stood out most to me about the farm is the size of the farm. It is a BIG farm and I mean very BIG. Their website mentions that it is set on 32 acres of countryside. However, the space is not all covered with farm animals and stables. There is a lot of open green space to walk around and sit down for a picnic or play games.

Picture from Mudchute Farm Instagram page

Most of the farm animals and stables are at the front of the farm (Near the Asda entrance) but there is still a bit of walking to do between the areas where the animals are.

If you are taking very young children, I would recommend taking a buggy in case they get tired walking around.

We didn’t manage to cover the full space but we visited all the farm animals and sat down for a drink at the cafe. Mudchute Farm recommends you allow 2 hours for your visit but you could easily spend a whole day there with kids. I would also recommend taking your own food with you as it is a great place for a picnic.

Do I need to book in advance?

No. You can just walk in. It’s free entry (Just make sure you go at opening times)

When are the opening times?

Every day 9AM-5PM.

Is there parking on site?

No. The closest station is Crossharbour DLR Station which is about a 10-minute walk from the farm.

Are there toilets on-site?

Yes, there are toilets and a baby-changing area in the ladies’ bathroom.

Can you feed the animals?

No. The farm does not allow families to feed the animals food bought from the supermarkets

Is there somewhere to eat?

Yes, there is a cafe not too far from the entrance. You can also bring your own food and eat in the open space.

Contact Information

Mudchute Farm

Telephone 020 3670 7515


Mudchute Park & Farm
Pier Street
Isle of Dogs
London E14 3HP

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