Tiny Tigers -Best Family Experience with Toddlers

Why you must take your toddlers to visit Tiny Tigers in East London

سْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ,

Tiny Tigers in Isle of Dogs, East London

We went to visit Tiny Tigers in Canary Wharf and if I am entirely honest – I wasn’t too impressed at first mainly because of the small space. I prefer taking children to indoor places which have a lot of space for them to run around in and I just didn’t feel that this space could facilitate that.

However, after being there for a very short amount of time I realised that the small space was no issue at all. Children do not need extra space to run around at Tiny Tigers because young children are entertained and engrossed by what is around them the whole time. The place encourages less noisy gadgets and more open-ended play such as Montessori play-sets, soft play & visually appealing toys that offer opportunities for imaginative exploration. My kids had more fun here than anywhere else that I have taken them before.

We originally booked an hour session, we arrived a little late but once the hour was almost at an end, I started to wonder how on earth we would leave without the kids crying and becoming very upset. I asked one of the staff members if we could add on the next session as the kids were really enjoying themselves and having too much fun to leave and more importantly – I didn’t want to leave. (As parents we know that moments that children are engaged, focused & playing independently are like gold dust).

Tiny Tigers is a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for children. You are always in a close proximity to them so you can let your child roam around without worrying about where they will end up. The Montessori play-sets like small kitchens help promote trust in themselves and their world and develop confidence in their emerging abilities.

How much do tickets cost?

The ticket prices for an hour slot were £7 for an adult and a child.

If the child is not yet crawling they can enter for free.

We paid £14 for entry for 2 adults and 2 children. When we wanted to add on another hour, the lovely staff gave us entry for less than half price (£5 for the 4 of us for an extra hour)

Where is the venue?

The venue is in Isle of Dogs in East London. It is opposite South Quay DLR station, just behind Subway.

It is a short walk from the D8 bus stop but I would highly recommend taking the DLR, it has step-free access and there are beautiful views behind the station if you want to take a nice walk after.

Unit 1, South Quay Plaza, 185 Marsh Wall, London, United Kingdom E14 9SH

A pano picture which I took next to South India Quay DLR station.

Is there parking?

No, there is no parking near the venue. It may be better to take public transport if possible and if not to park further down and walk to the venue

Is there anywhere to eat and drink?

Yes, there is a cafe right next to the play area where adults and children can sit and eat. If your children do not require you to sit with them then you can sit back with a coffee and relax and observe them from a distance. There are also books for the adults to read as well as the children.

There is also a separate room where you can put your pushchair and hang up your coats.

One of the books that caught my eye at the centre for adults

Overall, Tiny Tigers is a great place to take children. I am very glad that it’s not too far because I plan to come back regularly for play-dates. It is especially great for young children. I recommend taking toddlers or kids up to age seven. Have a visit and let me know how it does!

Contact Info

This is the number to contact 07970 287675


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